Origin of the WCO And Who We Are

The Wesleyan Contemplative Order is an outgrowth of the Spiritual Formation Ministry of the Davidson United Methodist Church, under the leadership of Ann Starrette, Spiritual Formation Director; and Reverend Jody Seymour, Senior Pastor.

The Wesleyan Contemplative Order (WCO) is an ecumenical and inclusive order of clergy and laity who long for a deeper intimacy with God and a supportive
spiritual community of companions for the journey. Inspired by John Wesley’s spiritual growth model, we meet in small bands (4-8 people) to create space for
God’s transforming grace to work in our lives. Grounded in contemplative practices, the primary purpose is to grow as students of Jesus as a means of
nurturing the process of personal transformation for the good of others and God’s glory. We are committed to God, one another, our shared values, and the WCO
covenant as a general rule of life. Though diverse in denominational expressions, we strive to unite in love, availability and vulnerability to God and one another. We participate in Band meetings for spiritual support. We also commit to an annual retreat to give a broader space for reflection, for deepening our relationship with God and each other, and for strengthening our individual calls for service.

Our mission is to stay awake, stay present, and support each other so that our lives may abide in Christ and express His loving compassion in the world. “Do you acknowledge that Jesus Christ is really in you? If not, you have failed the test.”  2 Corinthians 13:5-6
Our vision is to be a safe, encouraging place where those who are noticing God’s call to a deeper life in the Spirit can gather around the presence of Christ, using
ancient practices, to find Christ anew in community, silence, and service.
Our most basic core values are: Ancient Practices • Modern Community • Transforming Lives

Living out our mission, vision, and core values requires action. A question we often ask ourselves is, “If I were to rearrange my life, what are the first two things I would
do differently in order to intentionally open space for God to do his transforming work in my life?” One way is through a simple pattern of spiritual disciplines the
ancients called a Rule of Life. A more modern term is Rhythm of Life or Sacred Rhythm. Wesley instituted various means of grace that, when practiced faithfully, lead
us, compel us, to serve from a heart of compassion through works of mercy. “The basic practices are how Christians open themselves to grace and allow the Holy Spirit to ‘form the Savior in the soul’.” (John Wesley) From Steven W. Manskar’s A Disciple’s Journal, page 10.
In the spirit of Wesley’s passion and in service to our spiritual growth and transformation, the WCO offers numerous enrichment offerings based on ancient
practices that train us to intentionally open space for God’s grace to work within us. For beginners and seasoned practitioners. All are welcome!

TO LEARN MORE, contact any member of the 2024 WCO Coordinating Council:

 Craig Sefa, Sabbath Circle Band & Shalom Band: sefacj@gmail.com.

 Amanda Walters, Avila Band & Harriett Tubman Band :ammawalters@gmail.com

 Janet Jones, Alongsiders Band: jljones6145@att.net

 Nancy Bellamy, Nadia Band 1963nwb@gmail.com

– Don Carroll: senior advisor and founding fellow