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Sacred Space

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Something I appreciate so much about summer-time is that during this season, we give ourselves permission to embrace a different rhythm than we are usually accustomed to. This is a rhythm that includes slowing, stopping, and resting. This rhythm opens up time for sacred space, which allows us to encounter God through silence, solitude, and stillness. Jesus sought out this kind of quiet space throughout his ministry. It is obvious that he saw it as something that he needed.

Jesus needed this quiet space to experience the rest that would replenish him in mind, body, and spirit. He also needed it to reconnect with his Father, to nurture that relationship, to be reminded of the work that was given him. He needed this quiet space because his job was difficult. Jesus had people pressing in on him with great needs. He had work that was never-ending.

We need quiet space for similar reasons. We also need rest and replenishment. We need time to reconnect with God and to nurture our relationship with God. We need to be reminded of the work God has given us to do. We need this space because our job is difficult. We have people pressing in on us with many demands and work that never feels complete.

Silence and solitude give us the opportunity to slow down, to be still, and to get quiet, so that we can hear the voice of God. We all need a pause from the ever-constant demands that are placed upon us, to slow down long enough to show up for God, so that God can give us what we need to persevere. Just as it was for Jesus, it’s our connection with God that is our greatest resource for life and ministry.

This is why we need to create space in our lives for silence, solitude, and stillness. We need to protect this time from getting hijacked by the many other demands placed upon us.  We need to rest our bodies, quiet our minds, and nurture our souls. Don’t you need this kind of spiritual rest? Wouldn’t it be life-giving for you? Wouldn’t it replenish your soul and allow you to re-enter life and ministry refreshed?

Often, we deprive ourselves of this gift because we are afraid.  We are afraid that we won’t accomplish what is needed if we take a break. We are afraid that we won’t be able to slow down long enough to really enjoy the space. We are afraid of having to face ourselves and our unpleasant feelings. Sometimes it’s easier to just skip it. Then, our souls miss out on the gifts of silence, solitude, and stillness. Sacred space is something Jesus needed and it’s something we need, if only we have the courage and wisdom to create space in our lives for it.

Rev. Dianne Lawhorn