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This quote from Father Richard Rohr is worth discussion –

“Could meditation/contemplation be the very thing that has the power to both democratize, reform, and mature Christianity? It alone does not demand major education, does not need a hierarchy of decision makers, does not need to argue about gender issues in leadership or liturgy, does not need preachers and bishops, and does not need membership requirements that include and exclude. Contemplation’s non-verbal character makes all our arguments about “the right words” and the perfectly correct understanding of those words largely useless. We clergy are almost put out of business.

“Deep prayer on the inside heals the outside and the in-between simply by reconnecting everything at its core and at our Center. And let us be honest–Jesus talked a lot more about praying and healing than any of the issues that continue to preoccupy most of our churches.”

-Father Richard Rohr

Adapted from A Lever and A Place to Stand:  The Contemplative Stance, The Active Prayer, pp. 58-59

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  1. Susan W.

    I love this quotation and this website. Yes, it kind of throws a lot out the window. Looking forward to more blogs!

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